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time to upcycle!

Upcycle a toilet paper roll and create an original gift box!

Toilet paper rolls are very popular in DIY / upcycle / recycle culture, because they have many different faces!  In this article you’ll find out how can they be used as a gift box, combined with a little wrapping paper.

If you are looking for more toilet paper rolls ideas, check out this wall art and an Easter bunnies project.

Extra tip: play with different wrapping papers, ribbons & shapes and post a photo in the comment section!

An original DIY project: a cell phone holder from an upcycled lotion or shampoo bottle

Depending on the type of cell phone charger you have, you might find this idea useful. Also, there will be no more wires across the room to stumble over.

I’m a bit concerned about the weight of the whole installation on the plugging, but no one mentioned the possibility of the plug slipping out. An alternative – you can just make a cell holder such as this one (you don’t need a hole then):

Or this one:

Extra tip: decoration possibilities are endless – wrapping paper, pieces of fabric, stickers….

DIY: a t-shirt recycling project – from an old piece of fabric to a headband or a belt!

Remember all those ideas for recycling old t-shirts? We’re bringing you a few more!

1. repurpose an old t-shirt into a five-strand braided headband!

2. adding a little buckle, use a four strand braid to make a unique belt.

Extra tips:

There are infinite possibilities! You can use these new techniques to make the scarf and necklace we already talked about.

This is an opportunity to learn to braid with more than three strands, if you didn’t already know how to do that. If this type of work gives you a headache, simply use the regular three strand braid for these projects!

DIY: recycle disposable plastic spoons and create an original tealight candle holder

If you’re one of those people who often use disposable plastic spoons, at work or in a favorite bar, collect them instead of leaving them at the table after you’ve finished your coffee. Plastic spoons can be recycled! You’ll need two or three dozen spoons, and a disposable plastic cup.

One of the suggestions is coming right up:

Extra tip: I’m not sure what to think about that plastic cup and candle flame. The same spoon-method can be used with a glass cup or a jar…Feel free to post a photo of your work!